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Flash Decompiler Trillix

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5.3 02/10/15
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Flash Decompiler Trillix is fully compatible with:

  • Windows 98
  • Windows 98 SE
  • Windows ME
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows NT
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
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Extract all files and resources from a SWF file

Softonic Editorial Team

Recent changes

  • Added: full Flash 9 support
  • Added: AS3-based components support
  • Added: hot-keys (CTRL+O - for files opening and CTRL+S - for files saving)
  • Added: Japanese, Russian localizations
  • Improved: stability of SWF files playback
  • Fixed: minor bugs in AS3
  • Fixed: several bugs and glitches

Review last updated: 09/10/15

  • Enables you to deconstruct Flash movies
  • Decompiling is easy and straightforward
  • Able to analyse and search for scripts
  • Requires scripting knoweldge

SWF Decompiler Trillix decompiles SWF and extracts all of its elements

More author programs

  • Export Flash Video into AVI and other playable formats
  • Convert SWF files into FLA
  • Quick and easy one-click decompilation
  • Intellectual preview of decompiled SWF elements
  • Extract sounds, images, videos, shapes, frames, morphs, fonts, texts, buttons, sprites and ActionScripts with a single click
  • Export into multiple formats
  • Export shapes, images, sounds, morphs and texts into FLA
  • Decompile EXE (Projector) files
  • SWF Replacer: edit SWF files, replacing lines, images, sounds, colors, and gradients
  • ASCII, Hex, binary memory dump
  • Grouped showing mode for multiple items in decompiled class
  • Selectable background color for SWFs
  • Detailed tag information
  • Convenient tags navigation, tracking their placements in frames and sprites
  • Detailed movie information
  • Browse through your SWF's with ease
  • Save any Flash movie you see on the Internet to your hard drive with a single click on the built-in button in Internet Explorer
  • View and play your SWF files directly in Flash Decompiler
  • Compressed SWF files support

"Don't upgrade! It'll disable the software!"

It worked fine until I tried to update it. Now I spent the money on software that won't work. It's been a week since I originally complained and am getting the runaround,


According to our purchase policy all registered users can download free upgrades within the major version. All further upgrades can be purchased with 50% discount. This can be derived from Eltima Upgrade policy page

I just want it to work again and it's taken too much effort. I've called, emailed and filled out their online forms.

Go with another company - They all offer the same product (flash decompiler) but OTHERS will hopefully NOT disable your software for clicking on "update" after you';ve paid good money.

Just my opinion after dealing with customer service this week!

  • Decompiles Flash Quickly?
  • Actionscript is somewhat hard (expected for a decompiler).
  • My biggest problem is the support: I tried to update it via the menu and it disabled the software. Tech support says it's my problem and hasn't helped.

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09 Sep 2011

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  1. Extract all files and resources from a SWF file

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